Steve Veal Photography

Hello from Steve and Kathy Veal! Thanks for visiting the on-line gallery for our upstart photography business.

Kathy is a Norwegian American kid from Cedar Rapids, Iowa who discovered Texas as soon as her family brought her down here.

I am a born and raised Fort Worth kid who has basically lived in Texas my entire life.

My photography passion dates to my childhood as I watched my mom retouch black and white negatives for a small photography business in her hometown. As a teenager my interest grew as I scoured the pages of National Geographic and watched Ektachrome slide shows at the homes of family friends who had the good fortune to travel the world.

My first "real" camera was a Yashica film SLR that served us well for the first years of our marriage.

Now, I use Canon and Olympus equipment with the occasional dabble into the Fuji world.

The primary purpose of our photography business is to share our travel photographs. However, we also have a full complement of studio and location lighting equipment and we are available for select portrait, event and sports photography.